Managing Zoom Distractions

Students are creative, clever, and cunning. Especially once the honeymoon of the first few days have ended. Here’s a video I put together with some very distracting students and how you can use the tools in Zoom to help manage or mitigate undesirable behavior.

2 thoughts on “Managing Zoom Distractions”

  1. Perfect for us novices in Zoom! Thank you.
    (Adorable helpers you have!)
    May I request a ‘follow up’ on using the tools of how you speak to someone in the waiting room and readmit? Or are you only able to use the chat? (Wondering how to do this with 6 y/os who aren’t fluent in chat/typing)

    1. Hi there! I will definitely do this follow up. Unfortunately, you can only chat/type to participants in the Waiting Room (and they can’t respond). So, not so great for the 6 y/os.

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